Partnership Opportunities




Scenario 1:

We have our own data center from where we offer cloud services with SSD storage - that means speed. We partner with VMware, RedHat, cPanel, Plesk (Parallel) and others. Your business is interested in offering Cloud based services to your clients or you wish to invest in cloud services. Partner with us or Invest in us. It is the best of both worlds - we win, you win big!



Scenario 2:

You have the financial capability and other resources needed and wish to deploy Cloud offering infrastructure in house. Talk to us to us and we will get it done for you! We have done it for ourselves. We have the infrastructure running. Call and arrange a Special Guest's visit. Come "kick the tires". We guarantee that you will save a bundle. Your deployment will be also be very secure. We'll train your personnel, leave alone you to to run your business and manage the infrastructure in-house if you so wish.

Give us a call at 416 360 0133 x230 (Special Guest's program particiapation only please!)